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A Scholarship Fund For Colorado

League Student Athletes 



The first bike has been awarded!

In July of 2018 The GoRide Fund presented it's first scholarship to Zach, a Sophomore from East High School. Zach is a passionate and enthusiastic rider and racer. It has been fun to watch Zach get out there and reach his personal podiums. Way to go Zach!



Go Ride is a scholarship fund for a Colorado League Student-Athlete in need. Cross Country mountain bike racing can be an expensive endeavor. My vision for this scholarship is to help remove some of the financial barriers for a deserving athlete.

The Colorado League has had an incredible impact on my life. In my three seasons of Colorado League racing I have learned that it is not about winning or losing, but being part of something bigger. It is about being a teammate, a friend, a good sportsman and a steward of our trails and of our sport. In an increasingly complicated and complex world it is about the simple joy of getting out and pedaling a bike.

Next time you are at a Colorado League race, look around, you will see that joy on the many faces of competitors, the parents, the onlookers and the organizers. This is what I want to share.

Due to the overwhelming success, My goal is to make the Go Ride Fund an annual scholarship! Please donate and help me share my Colorado League experiences.

Now get out and GO RIDE!

I'm Chris Anderson, a Junior at Douglas County High School in Castle Rock, Colorado.  I am a varsity rider for Douglas County HS and the Castle Rock Crankers in the Colorado League south conference. I created the GO RIDE fund as a part of my Personal Project for the International Baccalaureate Program my sophomore year in high school and to provide a student athlete in need an opportunity to race in the Colorado League races.

I have been riding and racing mountain bikes since I was six years old. When I was twelve I found the Castle Rock Crankers and Coach Mark Neel (2017 Colorado League Coach of the year) who has inspired me to be the rider I am today. Thanks Coach! Also, when I found the Crankers I found another family. They welcomed me in and have stood next to me from day one. 

I have made many new friends from around the state and discovered how much I love mountain biking. I want to help someone else have the opportunity to share the experience and challenges that the Colorado League provides. 

About Me

About Me

Please donate to help a student in need share in the Colorado League experience. 


Applications are available on the Colorado League website here!


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